Aggregate Product

Consolidated Concrete is your source for premium aggregates at affordable prices. Our aggregate products are used in construction projects ranging from residential landscaping and patios to parking lots and highway road construction.

All of our aggregate products are available for pickup directly from the yard or delivery to the construction site. Consolidated Concrete offers delivery in tri-axle dump trucks (16+ ton capacity) or in side or belly-dump trailers (28+ ton capacity).

Depending on your project and location, Consolidated Concrete can help you choose the right solution for your aggregate material needs.

Inventory Available

Hastings & Grand Island

  • Concrete sand (NDOT 47B)
  • Crushed concrete
  • Crushed limestone (NDOT 47B)
  • Crushed concrete – 2”plus (limited availability)


  • Fill sand
  • Black dirt (limited availability)
  • Road gravel
  • Screen sand
  • Large ballast (1”-2” river rock)
  • Fill dirt
  • Clay
  • Mud rock (limited availability)
  • Dirty concrete sand (D/C/S)
  • Solar rock (2”-3” river rock)
  • Pea gravel (limited availability)

Delivering Rock Solid Results

High Quality, Clean Aggregates

Our products adhere to the highest construction industry standards.


We offer a comprehensive inventory of materials suitable for every project.

Safe, Courteous Delivery

Our dependable delivery is focused on customer satisfaction.

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